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FanCake: Compete Against Sports Fans By Predicting Match Outcome [iOS]

There are many games which you can enjoy alone, like Angry Birds, but things tend to get to a whole new level if you can compete against other people in a game, rather than your iPhone’s artificial intelligence. It gets even better if you can play against your own social network friends. If you are a guy who is interested in sports, then chances are that the latest matches are often the point of discussion among you and your friends. FanCake is an iOS game which turns these discussion into a game, where you have to strive towards attaining more medals than your friends, and strangers, by correctly predicting the outcome of ice hockey and basketball games. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and you can learn all about it by heading past the break.

PingMe IM For Android, iOS & WP7 – Live Chat, Image & Location Sharing

PingMe is a new cross-platform instant messenger app for smartphones (iOS, Android & Windows Phone 7) that lets you connect with your friends, send quick messages, share images, add emoticons to messages, instantly create dynamic chat groups and locate your friends on a map via location-enabled messages. PingMe is free, its instant and it lets you ‘Ping’ with your friends using your mobile number. Connect with PingMe users all across the globe and start sharing messages with them in virtually no time at all. PingMe also sports push notifications for your messages so that you’re never too far away from your buddies. Though quite similar to WhatsApp in the way it works, PingMe brings a few new features to the table that might make you want to set it as your default IM client. Read on for details and features.

B-Messenger For Android: IM With Voice/ Video Calls, Public Chat Rooms & More

B-Messenger is a free cross-platform IM for Android and iOS that supports audio and video calling with other users over WiFi/3G. The app supports toggling audio/video sharing options whilst a call is in progress. Using B-Messenger, you can find other online users from all across the globe, make friends with them and/or join various topic-based chat rooms to share your thoughts. You can also create your own personal rooms with titles of your own. More to follow after the break.

The relatively low number of users on B-Messenger should not come as a surprise as the app is only a month old on the iTunes App Store while it’s Android variant too, has just seen the light of the day.

If you’re using B-Messenger for the very first time, you’ll need to signup for a new account to log in with the app. This can be done by availing the free in-app registration facility.

From the app’s homescreen, under the Users tab, you can search for and view all your friends as well as other online users. To call, block or add a user to your friends list, just tap on his/her name and select the required option.

How To Create Your Own IRC Chat Channel

Long before Twitter, Google Talk, AIM, and even ICQ, there was Internet Relay Chat (IRC), a very basic client/server chat protocol. If you want to see what it’s about, or you simply long for the good ol’ days, I’m here to show you how to create your own IRC channel.

Think of a channel as an individual “room” on a larger IRC server, usually dedicated to a certain topic or organization. Your own mileage may vary. To create and access IRC, you’ll need an IRC client like any on this list. I’ll be using the ChatZilla extension for Firefox.

Facebook Chat Desktop Client

Earlier this year, we covered 3 ways to use Facebook chat on the desktop. The next day we covered another important tip that integrates Facebook Chat inside Firefox. Both posts will be beneficial to the readers. But what if you want a dead-simple Facebook Chat client on the desktop without having to use it inside browser or inside any other IM client?

This is where Facebook Chat Standalone comes in. Just as the name says, it uses a simple iframe to show facebook chat in a standalone window.

Use Google Talk and Facebook Chat on Windows Phone 7 with Flory

Flory is a free Windows Phone 7 app that lets you chat on Google Talk as well as Facebook Chat right from your Windows Phone 7 device. The app was initially released in German but due to popularity and high demand, the latest update has brought English language support to it. If you own a Windows Phone 7 device and want to use it for Google Talk or Facebook Chat, this app is for you!

Flory brings something to Windows Phone 7 that has been in very high demand – support for Google Talk. In fact the lack of a Google Talk client has been one of the main reasons for several people not using their Windows Phone 7 devices as their primary phones. Thankfully, the wait is now over.

Just like most Windows Phone 7 apps, Flory makes efficient use of the Metro interface and presents the contact lists for Flory, Google Talk and Facebook side by side, which you can switch by swiping your finger along the screen.

Install Google Talk With Video Chat On Any Android Device

Google recently released the Android 2.3.4 update for the Nexus S and one of the primary features of this update is an updated Google Talk client featuring video chat support. If you don’t want to wait for the 2.3.4 OTA update for your device, we have the extracted version of Google Talk that will bring video chat support to it, though this isn’t entirely glitch-free. Read on for details.